Frequently Asked Question

  • What is ScramPhoto?

    ScramPhoto is a simple software program you can use to protect yourself from various online photo sharing abuses such as stalking and unauthorized use of your images.

  • How Does ScramPhoto Work?

    ScramPhoto processes your photos and makes safe copies for you to share online. Simply tell ScramPhoto where your original photos are and where you?d like the processed photos to be placed and ScramPhoto will do the rest.

  • Can I change any of the settings?

    Yes. Although default settings are included changes in settings such as scramble time and date, scramble location, edit watermark or copyright message can all be made at any time and saved for future use.

  • Do I Need To Backup My Photos First?

    No. ScramPhoto will only ever modify copies of your photos. After any ScramPhoto sessions, your original files will always remain intact in their original locations.

  • How Can I View/See The Metadata?

    There are many ways of viewing your photo’s metadata online, but often this means uploading your unprotected images so we do not recommend this.

    Many graphics or photo editing packages can also be used, but these programs can often cost more than your laptop so again we do not recommend this.

    By far the simplest way to view your metadata is as follows:-

    For Windows:

    Right click on your image file in explorer and select ‘Properties’. Now click on the ‘Details’ tab and scroll down to view all the time, date and location information attached to your photos.

    For Apple iOS:

    Download and install a free app called ‘File Viewer’.

  • When Will The Full Version Be Released?

    Once, you have downloaded the free ScramPhoto Beta version we will notify you directly via email regarding any updates and the latest developments with ScramPhoto.

    Alternately you could follow us on our company Facebook or Twitter sites and get all the latest news about online privacy as well as any product releases or company news from Scram Software.

  • What Happens At The End Of The Subscription Period?

    At the end of your subscription period you can choose to renew for 3 or 12 months otherwise ScramPhoto will revert to the free version (i.e. see our pricing page for further details).

  • Why Is ScramPhoto Better Than Photoshop And Other Graphics Packages?

    When it comes to safer photo sharing, ScramPhoto has the following advantages over Photoshop and other graphics packages.

    – Easier to use because it is not a photo editing program with thousands of complicated options for manipulating your images. ScramPhoto was designed to do just one thing and one thing only, protect your photos for safer photo sharing.

    – Faster to use because you can process all your photos in one session instead of editing each image one at a time.

    – Cheaper to use because a 12 month subscription can cost as little as $1 a month, compared with some of the industry’s leading graphics packages that can cost hundreds of dollars!

    – ScramPhoto is portable and operates seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Let’s face it, even if you could manipulate your photos using a complicated graphics program, many users would struggle to accomplish even the most basic Photoshop tasks on the small screens of their mobile phones; and attempting to watermark or copyright even a small folder of 100 photos for instance, would just result in a complete time wasting disaster.

  • What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

    To be confirmed.

  • How To Uninstall ScramPhoto

    Windows – ScramPhoto comes with its own uninstaller program located in the same directory as ScramPhoto, eg. “C:\Program Files (x86)\ScramPhoto\uninstaller.exe”

    Mac – Open up Finder, and go to the Applications folder (Go > Applications). Then locate and either drag it to the Trash bin, or hit command-delete.

    Linux – Delete the .run file.