How Paris Hilton broadcast her home address

It’s the 24th August 2010, 7:07am. The police are in Paris Hilton’s backyard, arresting someone who was trying to break into her house.

Paris grabbed a photo on her Blackberry 9800 and posted it to Twitter. And when she did, she gave the whole world her home address.

See Paris’ photo tweet here:

What Paris didn’t understand was that her phone embedded hidden information into her photo – information called metadata, that revealed her exact location, the time and date of the photo, and even the make and model of her phone.

Paris Hilton GPS metadata

Once you have that GPS location information, you can enter those coordinates into Google Maps to give you the exact address.

Paris Hilton home address

So, if you’re ever asked where Paris Hilton lives, you can say:

34.13585°N 118.437317°W
3344 Clarendon Road, Beverly Hills, California 90210 USA.

Poor Paris. By 2013, she’d been robbed for the 7th time, saying she just has bad luck.

If only she had ScramPhoto. All her photo posts would be free from metadata, and she would be able to protect those photos with watermarks as well.