Copyright abuse – you’re losing royalties without even knowing

If I do a Google Image Search on Ireland, hundreds of pictures of beautiful scenery appear, and it’s easy to assume that these pictures are free to use for whatever purpose…

After all, they appeared in Google, so everyone owns them, right?

Ireland Google Search


Even though Google shows you those photos, they are certainly not free to use. The copyright of those photos belongs to the photographer, and unless the photographer grants you permission or a licence to use those photos, then you’re violating copyright law and depriving the artist of income.

Stephen Power, a professional photographer and teacher from Limerick, Ireland, described in his blog how he discovered 20 examples of his photographs being used without his knowledge or permission.

And he described how difficult it was to enforce his rights. Many of the copyright violators simply didn’t care or didn’t reply, and no one paid him any royalties.

Stephen then recommended a few ways to protect your images on the Internet – with the top recommendation being “… a watermark on every image that you have online.”

That’s exactly what ScramPhoto will do.

ScramPhoto allows you to put copyright messages on each photo, with your URL, so anyone interested in licensing your photo knows where to go. And you can put a hatch pattern over the photo to make it clear that you’re protecting it.

And best of all, ScramPhoto is free to try.